Putting Off The Inevitable

This past weekend was difficult. I haven’t disclosed much to anyone about it, though I’m sure I should. I just don’t want to have to attempt to process everything that will likely come with talking about it. But, it’s inevitable, so here I am — about to share. I am a very lucky woman to […]

KDP Has Surrendered

After what felt like endless submissions to Amazon KDP for review of the new cover design for Disillusioned Love, Amazon finally surrendered and accepted the cover. Granted, it is now without any author blurb or photo on the back, but I’ll deal with it.  I’m more excited about the new cohesive design for the series as […]

Amazon KDP is Kicking My Ass

Previously I have utilized CreateSpace to do print-on-demand services for when people wanted to purchase paperback versions of Disillusioned Love and have never really had much of an issue. I wanted to streamline my sales and ability to manage all formats of my series so now that Amazon KDP offers paperback print on demand services I […]

And Now We Wait

I just finished Riana’s Cavatina last week. Then I spent a week editing and streamlining it. Now it’s in the hands of two beta readers. I trust these two people’s opinions immensely and know that any criticism that comes from them will be because they want nothing but the best for it, just as I […]

The Importance of Stretching

I am now on day 3 of my #30DayRiderFitnessChallenge  I have come to the conclusion that it’s going to be much longer than 30 days. I’m needing to slow down some and take time ease into the workout. I’m definitely still committed to doing my planks, squats, and walking everyday. But considering the amount of […]

Best Accountability Partner Ever

Seeing as I’m doing the riding lessons with my *amazing* daughter, I thought I’d see if she wanted to try out the #30DayRiderFitnessChallenge with me. She looked over the printouts and said, “yes!” We started last night. I got on the treadmill and logged almost a full mile (0.8 at 2.5mph) so I was short […]

Stepping Up

As I sit here, once again, in much better posture than I used to have I am keenly aware of the impact my riding lessons already have had on my body. However, I am yearning to keep this effect going in between lessons. So… I have found this — As we’ve learned through my posts, […]