The Rationale Seems Off Doesn’t It

Yesterday, after pointing out how disgusting I find any media that glorifies and encourages the sexual exploitation of women I was inundated with people wanting to justify it. They’d tote out having talked to one person who had sex for money and tried to unravel the whole argument. I don’t buy it. Not anymore. I […]

I Was Just Thinking About You

So in my last entry I got off on a tangent about relationships and friendships and how I feel that I have been unable to really form some solid friendships.  The general feeling remains, but I have been lucky in that I’ve met some awesome women who are passionate about many of the same issues that […]

You Make Time For What You Love

  When my father saw on social media that I had published my second book he couldn’t stop himself from asking the inevitable question, “Where did you find time to write a second book?” The question, especially in regards to the second book, makes me giggle a bit. I have infinitely more time to write […]

Dizzy With Anxiety

Sometimes whispers of worry creep into my mind, pushing me to investigate things that likely do not need to be investigated. I give in, overcome by endless worst case scenarios, but am left feeling absolutely wrecked. Not because my worst fears were confirmed, but because I fail at controlling my insecurity, anxiety, and trust issues. […]

Three thousand two hundred eighty-five

Three thousand two hundred eighty-five  nights ago you changed my life. You took something from me that never belonged to you. Three thousand two hundred eighty-five nights ago you went from being a friend to a criminal. I will never forgive you. I will never forget the fear I felt three thousand two hundred eighty-five […]

Putting Off The Inevitable

This past weekend was difficult. I haven’t disclosed much to anyone about it, though I’m sure I should. I just don’t want to have to attempt to process everything that will likely come with talking about it. But, it’s inevitable, so here I am — about to share. I am a very lucky woman to […]

KDP Has Surrendered

After what felt like endless submissions to Amazon KDP for review of the new cover design for Disillusioned Love, Amazon finally surrendered and accepted the cover. Granted, it is now without any author blurb or photo on the back, but I’ll deal with it.  I’m more excited about the new cohesive design for the series as […]