50 Percent

It would appear that I am currently just under 50% body fat. I’m trying desperately not to be utterly disgusted with myself. I’m trying to just accept it as what it is. I am so blessed to have my husband at my side though. He truly loves me unconditionally, and in that love supports me […]

Alive and….well?

Life has clearly gotten away from me as of late.  I’m settling in to my new career, but it has definitely been more demanding than my previous job. I have not quite figured out my scheduling balance yet between work, self-care, family, housework, creative time, and social relationships yet. But, I’m trying. Dissonant Love (Book […]

It All Comes To This

  Nine days ago I sat down with the Director of our local Sexual Assault Center for an official interview. Three days ago I got a job offer from her. On that same phone call, I accepted. There was no contemplation, no second thoughts, no doubt in my mind that this is exactly what I’m meant […]

The Rationale Seems Off Doesn’t It

Yesterday, after pointing out how disgusting I find any media that glorifies and encourages the sexual exploitation of women I was inundated with people wanting to justify it. They’d tote out having talked to one person who had sex for money and tried to unravel the whole argument. I don’t buy it. Not anymore. I […]

I Was Just Thinking About You

So in my last entry I got off on a tangent about relationships and friendships and how I feel that I have been unable to really form some solid friendships.  The general feeling remains, but I have been lucky in that I’ve met some awesome women who are passionate about many of the same issues that […]

You Make Time For What You Love

  When my father saw on social media that I had published my second book he couldn’t stop himself from asking the inevitable question, “Where did you find time to write a second book?” The question, especially in regards to the second book, makes me giggle a bit. I have infinitely more time to write […]

Dizzy With Anxiety

Sometimes whispers of worry creep into my mind, pushing me to investigate things that likely do not need to be investigated. I give in, overcome by endless worst case scenarios, but am left feeling absolutely wrecked. Not because my worst fears were confirmed, but because I fail at controlling my insecurity, anxiety, and trust issues. […]