An Expert Not Cut Out For The Field?

Do you know what one of the worst feelings in the world is? Having a calling–like a deep rooted “this is the reason for my life and all the SHIT I’ve gone through”–kind of calling and having someone else convince you that you’re not cut out for the job. That somehow your lived experiences haven’t […]

Right Direction

I started my meal plan program at 49.61% body fat. Despite only being strict with it for a couple weeks the last month… I’m down to 47%. It isn’t much, but I’m glad it’s moving in the right direction!

Win Some, Lose Some

The shame is creeping back in. I slipped off my wonderful meal planning when I went to Jamaica and I’m having a hell of a time getting back on it.  Payday just came though, and there’s no excuse not to get to the grocery store and only hit the isles that contain things on my […]

So This Is Breakfast

Hopefully I won’t turn into one of those oversharers when it comes to my food, but I was so shocked this morning, I have to share. This is what my custom meal plan told me to eat for breakfast. First of all – delicious. Secondly – I am STILL full and I ate just about […]

50 Percent

It would appear that I am currently just under 50% body fat. I’m trying desperately not to be utterly disgusted with myself. I’m trying to just accept it as what it is. I am so blessed to have my husband at my side though. He truly loves me unconditionally, and in that love supports me […]

Alive and….well?

Life has clearly gotten away from me as of late.  I’m settling in to my new career, but it has definitely been more demanding than my previous job. I have not quite figured out my scheduling balance yet between work, self-care, family, housework, creative time, and social relationships yet. But, I’m trying. Dissonant Love (Book […]

It All Comes To This

  Nine days ago I sat down with the Director of our local Sexual Assault Center for an official interview. Three days ago I got a job offer from her. On that same phone call, I accepted. There was no contemplation, no second thoughts, no doubt in my mind that this is exactly what I’m meant […]