A woman with a past and a passion, Amy Lee Peine has been telling the story of her past and her healing journey to help break the silence of sexual assault for over a decade.  A mother, wife, ex-exotic dancer, and survivor of childhood sexual abuse, two rapes and a third assault; she knows the pain, shame and chaos this epidemic can create.

Amy Lee is currently writing her memoir “The Destruction of Lilacs” as well as a guide for advocates in working with survivors in the sex industry “Glamorized Oppression and Re-Victimization”, has released a novel “Disillusioned Love”, and openly gives presentations to pass along her message that rape and sexual assault are not the victims’ fault, nor their responsibility to prevent.  She is aware that in order to create social change in this area, we need to look beyond individual circumstance, we must critically examine society as a whole and understand how we have created a culture in which rape can thrive.

Not only will her voice reach people with the tragic and candid story of what has happened to her, she will create hope in the story of where she was to where she is.  She is open in her experiences as an exotic dancer and how that, too, ties into her journey from victim to survivor.

Amy Lee  has done work with the St. Cloud State University Women’s Center and Gender Violence Prevention program, RAINN Speakers Bureau,  St. Cloud State University’s LGBT Services Speakers Bureau, and UND (University of North Dakota-Grand Forks) Women’s Center.

Amy Lee Peine has a Bachelor of Elective Studies in Liberal Arts, with emphases on Sociology, Human Relations, Communication Studies and Criminal Justice from St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Come the Fall of 2016 she will begin working on her Master’s of Science in Social Responsibility.

She has been called by fellow survivors, “Our Voice.”

Follow Amy Lee on Twitter:   https://twitter.com/amilee719

Friend her on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/PeineAL


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