Alive and….well?

Life has clearly gotten away from me as of late.  I’m settling in to my new career, but it has definitely been more demanding than my previous job. I have not quite figured out my scheduling balance yet between work, self-care, family, housework, creative time, and social relationships yet. But, I’m trying.

Dissonant Love (Book 3 of the Sonata of Love Series) is slow moving right now, though it’s still being added to here and there.  I won’t give up on Ri, Alex and the gang but it’s not been an easy task to find time to devote to them right now.

Kajia and I are still riding out at Up Front Horses. Whitney and I have grown quite close and I can’t wait to see her in 7 hours. I won’t be riding today however, since I had my gallbladder removed just a week ago. It was a bit of a terrifying event as it takes me awhile to admit that I should see a doctor and by the time I finally did last Tuesday I had a severe case of acute pancreatitis. I was urgently rushed to the hospital where I was admitted for four days, during which they removed my gallbladder. It’s been a difficult recovery–I’ve definitely pushed myself too far, too quickly.  I came back to work this Tuesday–barely remaining coherent through the pain and subsequent pain medications. But, when you just started a new job you don’t have the luxury of built up sick time. If I had, I certainly would have taken at minimum this week off as well.

My center just purchased the house next door to us to expand our work space. Currently there’s a lot of office space sharing which is not exactly ideal when it comes to finding private spaces to meet with clients. But, knowing that I’ll eventually have my own office has lead to some fun pinteresting of ideas for a calming, personal space.  Until I can fully personalize though, I have a few little tasks that I want to take on to spruce up my work space. Like this uber neat update for a rundown file cabinet.  I’ll also use that tactic to update the back of my generic book shelf.  I have a coworker who is amazed by my crafty desires so I think we’ll make a day of it in my garage some weekend.



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