The Rationale Seems Off Doesn’t It

Yesterday, after pointing out how disgusting I find any media that glorifies and encourages the sexual exploitation of women I was inundated with people wanting to justify it. They’d tote out having talked to one person who had sex for money and tried to unravel the whole argument. I don’t buy it. Not anymore. I did my time in the deluded world and I’m so over it.

Without rehashing everything that transpired I did want to throw this out there. Clearly no one was able to follow my line of thinking that any exploitation is inherently abusive and that any system of patriarchy that values men and money over women will set up women to be exploited. It didn’t matter how nice of a car that woman drove, it didn’t matter how much money she spent on her hair or makeup, it didn’t matter how high her bankroll was — she was being repeatedly used as a nameless, worthless vessel of male ejaculate.

So I wondered if instead of women as the focus if the logic would seem as sound for the people who were systematically murdered during WWII. Because that’s why commercial sexual exploitation does– systematically destroy women; spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. They often lose their lives and no one thinks twice about it.

So I wonder if the Jews that got assigned tasks like running the stock room in the concentration camps would lead you to believe that concentration camps weren’t a vile situation because you know, a couple were doing alright. Surely those in the stock room would side with the Germans in murdering the rest of the Jews in gas chambers, I mean, so long as they were okay right?  Of course the plight of millions of others don’t matter so long as we can picture those Jews with enough to eat and clothes to keep them warm while they work along the SS in supply rooms.

That’s how ridiculous you sound, just so you know, when you try to deflect from the core issue of sexual exploitation by the oppressive nature of patriarchy in our society.


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