A Serious 10 Minutes

Yall, I’m done thinking some magic is just going to come my way and change my body while I passively do the same lazy shit day after day. Yesterday I got back in the saddle. Literally. Somehow a lot of time passed between my last lesson and yesterday and I’d be lying if I said […]

What’s Stopping Me

Alright kids, let’s explore my roadblocks to weight loss. As a counselor, I know all about pro and con lists. Seems like a no-brainer, and many might ask “How can there be ANY cons to weight loss?!”.. but let’s see what comes about in my own list, shall we? PROS *I’d look better naked – […]

Can A Tire Change Your Life?

This past fall my dear husband bought a large used tractor tire. We’re gonna flip it. Kinda like this: There will be more to it than just flipping… but I’m intrigued by the idea of getting in shape with *just* a tire. ..and gloves..and a sledgehammer…and a lot of dedication. It’s the dedication I’m afraid […]

An Expert Not Cut Out For The Field?

Do you know what one of the worst feelings in the world is? Having a calling–like a deep rooted “this is the reason for my life and all the SHIT I’ve gone through”–kind of calling and having someone else convince you that you’re not cut out for the job. That somehow your lived experiences haven’t […]

Right Direction

I started my meal plan program at 49.61% body fat. Despite only being strict with it for a couple weeks the last month… I’m down to 47%. It isn’t much, but I’m glad it’s moving in the right direction!

Win Some, Lose Some

The shame is creeping back in. I slipped off my wonderful meal planning when I went to Jamaica and I’m having a hell of a time getting back on it.  Payday just came though, and there’s no excuse not to get to the grocery store and only hit the isles that contain things on my […]

So This Is Breakfast

Hopefully I won’t turn into one of those oversharers when it comes to my food, but I was so shocked this morning, I have to share. This is what my custom meal plan told me to eat for breakfast. First of all – delicious. Secondly – I am STILL full and I ate just about […]